Another Cinderella Story
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August 5, 2008








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Antonina Armato, Ralph Churchwell, Michael Nielsen, Steve Walsh, DJ Blak, John Paesano

Singles from Another Cinderella Story (soundtrack)
Tell Me Something I Don't Know
Another Cinderella Story is the official Another Cinderella Story soundtrack that Selena Gomez contributed to. The album is actually an Extended Play (EP).

The soundtrack was released by Razor & Tie, and reached #116 on the Billboard 200 on Feb 27, 2009. It also reached number eight on Billboard's Soundtrack chart.

Track listing

No. Title Recording artist Length
1. "Tell Me Something I Don't Know"   Selena Gomez 3:20
2. "New Classic (single version)"   Drew Seeley, Selena Gomez 3:08
3. "Hurry Up and Save Me"   Tiffany Giardina 3:50
4. "Just That Girl"   Drew Seeley 3:17
5. "Bang a Drum"   Selena Gomez 3:12
6. "1st Class Girl"   Drew Seeley, Marcus Paulk 3:00
7. "On Hold 4 You"   Jane Lynch 2:29
8. "Valentine's Dance Tango"   The Twins 2:12
9. "No Average Angel"   Tiffany Giardina 2:57
10. "Don't Be Shy"   Small Change, Lil' JJ, Chani 4:03
11. "X-Plain It to My Heart"   Drew Seeley 1:15
12. "New Classic (Live)"   Drew Seeley, Selena Gomez 5:29
13. "Another Cinderella Story (score suite)"   John Paesano 2:39
14. "New Classic (acoustic version)"   Drew Seeley, Selena Gomez 3:23

Extended play

The soundtrack album spawned a spin-off extended play featuring Selena Gomez titled, Another Cinderella Story (featuring Selena Gomez) - EP. The EP was released by Razor & Tie on June 16, 2009 and reached #58 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #13 on Australian Hitseekers Singles.

Track listing:

  1. Tell Me Something I Don't Know
  2. Bang a Drum
  3. New Classic (single version)
  4. Tell Me Something I Don't Know (music video)
  5. New Classic (with Drew Seely; music video)

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