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Baylor and Selena

Baylor is a husky mix dog that Selena Gomez owns.

Selena first got Baylor in an animal shelter when she was on tour. She stated that she got Baylor "because I missed my other five dogs back home." She bought Baylor with her boyfriend, Justin Bieber.[1]


  • Selena confessed that "Baylor wasn't meant for me- I was going to give her to my nana as a gift," the singer said. "But I ended up falling in love with him, so I had to keep him."
  • Baylor has been getting surgery, he was once hospitalized for eating rocks.[2]
  • On April 2012, Selena posted a picture of Baylor, since her fans have asked her.[3]
  • In an interview with Access Hollywood, Justin said that Baylor "doesn't really like me that much."[4]


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