This is the list of Selena Gomez's boyfriends.


Name Year Notes Image
Nick Jonas 2008 Broke up due to long distance issues. Fans call their relationship "Nelena." Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez
Taylor Lautner 2009 Briefly dated. Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomez
Cameron Quiseng 2010 Briefly dated. Went on tour with Selena in 2011. Cameron Quiseng and Selena Gomez
Justin Bieber 2010-present Broke up due to long-distance issues, got back together due to Justin asking Selena for forgiveness. Broke up for good in January 2013, due to a huge fight. In late 2017, they got back together. Fans call the relationship "Jelena." Stylish-nominees-6