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Carter Mason
Full name

Caitlyn Mason





Portrayed by

Selena Gomez


Princess Protection Program

Caitlyn "Carter" Mason is the daughter of Joe Mason and eventually becomes an agent of the Princess Protection Program. She is portrayed by Selena Gomez.


Carter is an insecure girl who works at the local bait shop her dad owns. She dreams of becoming her crush, Donny's, girlfriend ever since they kissed when they were young. She lives with the constant secret of her father's true job which is working as an agent in a Protection Program and therefore travels a lot leaving Cater to herself. Her mother is not in the picture, presumably dead all though it is never mentioned in the film about her whereabouts.

History with Princess Rosalinda

Carter is at first annoyed with her father when they have to take Princess Rosalinda "Rosie" into their home. At first Cater and Rosie don't get along at all and Carter is constantly annoyed with the way Rosie acts. She finds Rosie superficial and somewhat arrogant, but as they grow closer and Carter gets to know Rosie better she lets go of the annoyance. Carter teaches Rosie to become a normal girl while she teaches her to become a princess. They become best friends and much sister like. They are friendship grows so much that she saves her from the people trying to kidnap her.


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