Mandy Teefey
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Amanda Dawn Cornett
April 16, 1976 (41 years old)
Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.

Status with Selena


My mom means my happiness, my love, my best friend and the world to me. She is the reason I smile and the reason I am here.

– Selena in an interview with Just Jared [1]

Amanda Dawn "Mandy" Teefey (previously: Amanda Dawn "Mandy" Gomez; born: Amanda Dawn Cornett; April 16 1976) is an Italian-American former stage actress, she's also Rick's ex-wife, Brian's wife and Selena, Scarlett & Gracie's mom.


  • Mandy married Brian on May 18, 2006.
  • Mandy's very proud of her daughter, Selena, and often walks with her to different places.
  • She is shown on Selena's short film, Girl Meets World.
  • Selena says that Mandy's favorite song is "Middle of Nowhere", the eleventh track on Selena's album, When the Sun Goes Down. [2]
  • Selena told E! News that her mom convinced her to act as Faith in the 2013 drama film, Spring Breakers.
  • Amanda was pregnant in 2012-2013 to Gracie Elliot Teefey. This was confirmed by Selena on Mothers' Day of 2013.[3]
  • Selena has once said that her mom was her mentor.
  • She had a miscarriage to a baby girl named Scarlett in 2011.