Nina Pennington
Full name

Nina Pennington

Portrayed by

Selena Gomez


Behaving Badly

Nina Pennington is a character Selena portrayed in Behaving Badly. Rick Stevens, the main character of the film, makes a bet with a mobster's son that he will have intercourse with Nina before arbor day.


Nina is the daughter of two strict Catholic parents who want their daughter to be very successful in life. She had an on-off again boyfriend, Kevin, but broke up with him officially, leading her to fall for Rick Stevens. Hanging out with him and his best friend, Billy Bender, leads her to make several bad choices, the most outrageous one, hitting a cop with her purse, leads her to be arrested, along with almost the entire town after a wild party. Nina gets mad at Rick, which causes her to start to dislike him, but later forgives him, and becomes his girlfriend at the end of the film. Nina works at a hospital as a candy striper, and dreams of being a priest when she grows up.


Nina is an extremely beautiful girl, with long dark brown hair, which she usually wears down, in a wavy style. Her sense of style is very conservative and basic, she dresses depending on the weather, and doesn't really care to wear extremely stylish things.


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