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Sara Lee

The Sara Lee Corporation was an American consumer-goods company based in Downers Grove, Illinois. Selena Gomez was the face of Sara Lee's bread; she was featured in the bread packages. It was confirmed that Selena would be the face of Sara Lee on August 29, 2009.


The company traced its lineage to 1939, when Nathan Cummings acquired C.D. Kenny Company, a wholesale distributor of sugar, coffee and tea in Baltimore, and created Consolidated Foods Corporation. In 1956 the company bought a company known as Kitchens of Sara Lee, which became one of the company's best-known brand names. In 1985 management adopted the brand name as the name of the corporation as a whole. As of 2006, Sara Lee Corporation had operations in more than 40 countries; sells food, beverage and household products in over 180 countries; and has some 40,000 employees worldwide. Sara Lee's products were discontinued in 2012.

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