The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex is the best episode of Wizards of Waverly Place I've ever done. It was so much fun. I'm [very] proud of it. I'm very happy with the movie.

– Selena in an interview with Famous

The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex
The Wizards Return- Alex vs Alex
Directed by Victor Gonzalez
Produced by Greg A. Hampson
Selena Gomez
David Cross
David Hoge
Ben Montanio
Vince Cheung
Main cast Selena Gomez
Jennifer Stone
Jake T. Austin
Country of origin United States
Release date March 15, 2013
Running time 59 minutes

The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex is a 2013 American made-for-television comedy-drama fantasy special episode based on the Disney Channel Original Series Wizards of Waverly Place. It was directed by Victor Gonzalez and filmed primarily in Disney Studios in October and November 2012. The full cast of the series, with the exception of David Henrie starred in the special, although the character was mentioned frequently. The film focuses on the Russo family, Harper, and Mason visiting Italy for a family reunion. The special premiered on March 15, 2013 on the Disney Channel in the United States, and is rated TV-G. The special received 5.9 million viewers.

Selena Gomez starred in this movie as Alex Russo and also has executive-produced the movie.


The Russo family (excluding Justin), Harper and Mason have a family reunion in Tuscany, Italy. After a talk between the family, Alex tries to prove that she is not the irresponsible wizard she used to be. Before they go to Italy, a Wiz Tech student named Dominic pops in and flirts with Alex. Mason immediately becomes jealous. After he leaves, Alex tries to perfect her personality so she gets all the bad parts out of her,but accidenly all her bad parts go to a mirror and create an evil Alex. After a while the evil Alex breaks the mirror and runs away. The evil Alex wants to take over the world with another anonymous evil wizard, who is later revealed to be Dominic. Dominic and the evil Alex trap Alex's family, Mason and Harper, and then Alex gets trapped herself. She is later saved by Mason who manages to run away and who rekindle their relationship after briefly breaking up. The two race to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, where they find Dominic and the evil Alex. The evil Alex and good Alex end up in a battle by magic and combat, while Mason turns into a werewolf and fights Dominic. The evil Alex is soon defeated and destroyed and Alex rescues her family from falling to their doom. Meanwhile, Dominic seems to be winning the fight between him and Mason, but Dominic is also defeated by Mason. After that, The Evil Alex comes back and Alex says it is over so then Alex gives up all of her powers and destroys the Evil Alex. In The end Alex is given her magic back. The Russo family and Harper and Mason enjoy the rest of their trip before heading back to the Sub Station. The movie ends with Alex telling Harper that they will have to stay in Italy for a while because Jerry and Theresa get upset about their living room being destroyed from the battle between good and bad Alex.


The special was announced on September 27, 2012 and was shot from October 22 to November 10, 2012 in California. It premiered in Spring 2013. It was be executive produced by Selena Gomez. While David Henrie originally planned to star in the special, he declined because he wanted to move on to his acting career. Even though the series ended, this movie was in production before they ended the series, making this the very last project of Wizards of Waverly Place. It premiered Friday, March 15 at 8/7c on Disney Channel.

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